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Paddle Power 2D Black Courier square 300

Welcome to our new look paddle-power.com website!

It took some time to create but now we’re finally online, giving you a clear overview of what we’re offering in New Zealand.

The new site should be much easier to navigate with all products linked to categories which describe the type and activity they’re used for. There is now also a new link to Brands that will give you an overview of what’s in store from different suppliers. And for specific searches we’ve added a Search field.
You can now also click on the majority of pictures and will get a detailed view of the product.

There may be a few things that are not 100% working still, or some products missing, but over time we’ll catch up. We know there are a few issues with the Search Page with pictures not displayed correctly and keywords not triggering a response at all, or a wrong one, but we’re working on this and hopefully this will be as slick as the rest of the site very soon.

Thanks for visiting!

Andi Uhl