Granate XL

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Granate XL kayak

The Granate XL is a little bit longer and has more volume than the L version but it’s not excessively big and will suit both, paddlers who just want that extra bit of volume if it gets hectic on the river, and taller, heavier paddlers (90kg+).

• 5 aluminium safety handles
• Size-adjustable aluminium bulkhead footrest
• Adjustable, padded thigh braces
• Padded backrest, adjustable with ratchets
• Foam support pillars front and rear
• Sport seat with seat cushioning and hip pads

Length: 269cm
Width: 67cm
Volume: 350L
Cockpit Size: 93 x 50cm
Weight: 21.5kg
Colours: Lime, yellow, orange

Price: NZ$ 2150.00