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Topline Agencies NZ Limited – A New Zealand registered company which imports and distributes kayaking gear. Our main focus is whitewater but we also carry a selection of gear for touring and recreational paddlers.
Imported equipment comes from all over the globe. The company was founded in 1995 and we have been importing some of our lines since then, for over 20 years!
The first imported line was Schlegel Paddles from Germany, back in the days considered to be the toughest whitewater paddles around. In 1997 Palm Equipment was added to the range, offering paddlers in New Zealand for the first time reliable and long-term supply of dry jackets and European-style buoyancy aids through a network of outdoor and specialist kayak shops. Brands like hf (safety equipment), Robson, Lettmann (paddles), Sweet (innovative helmets), Necky, Eskimo, Zet (kayaks), just to mention a few, followed over time. Some brands were dropped when supply lines changed,  a number of North American lines were added instead since 2001 (Shaman Products, Predator Helmets, Shred Ready, etc.). The company offers a unique one-stop-shop for anything paddling related.


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Andi Uhl – He is the owner of the company. Andi moved from Germany to New Zealand in 1992. Back then, technical whitewater gear and modern kayaks were very hard to find in NZ.
In 1995, Andi started the company after he saw a demand in New Zealand for good quality whitewater equipment. Being an accomplished whitewater kayaker himself with extensive experience gathered on European rivers in the 1980s and early 90s, he was very familiar with European brands which are still key to the business. Over the years, he added brands from the USA and Canada to the lines.
Andi always selected suppliers that manufacture good quality gear and stand 100% behind their product. This allows him to provide Kiwi paddlers with a choice of some of the best equipment on the market, and provide excellent support in the unlikely event that things go wrong with an article.
Andi’s passion has always been whitewater kayaking and the majority of products on offer reflect this. Andi still paddles most days on his home run, the Kaituna River, coaching his kids to be his personal safety kayakers for days to come; or you may bump into him on a flooded river in his backyard, the Kaimai Hills in the Bay of Plenty.


Paddle Power 2D Black Courier square 300 – This is our online catalogue. The website was first built in 1998 to offer shops and their customers an easily accessible brochure, showing all products that are on hand.
Some of our suppliers have a very large range of products and we’re not always able to stock the complete range; shows the sometimes limited selection of suppliers’ lines that we have here in New Zealand.

We’re always open to suggestions. So, if you think of any items we should have here, or you know of any innovative brands or products we should have stock of, please let us know and we’ll look into it.

_MG_9883Andi paddling on the Kokatahi River. Photo: Arnd Schaeftlein

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