Drift Pro split

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Drift Pro split paddle

The Drift Pro has Palm’s advanced asymmetric blade‚ designed for flutter-free strokes and all-day paddling. The Drift Pro features a glass fibre shaft and changeable feather and length settings for on-the-go adjustments.

Weight: 1179g (215-220cm)
Blade size: 660cm²
Feather: 0–80° adjustable
Blade: Polypropylene glass filled
Shaft: Glassfibre • Ø 30 mm
Other features:
• Take apart paddle with adjustable feather and length coupling
• Blade shape with gentle dihedral
• Moulded-in hand grip
• Drip rings
• 3 year limited warranty

Size: Adjustable length 215-220cm and 220-225cm

RRP: NZ$ 285.00

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