Rocker Fullface

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The Rocker Fullface is a full coverage helmet offering the most extensive protection available.

Constructed with our extremely dependable Thermoplastic Laminated Carbon (TLC) shell technology, combining the elasticity of injection-moulded thermoplastic with the rigidity and strength of carbon fibre. It enables us to effectively tune the shell for different properties in different areas: the shell is softer in the crown area, which due to the rigid spherical geometry is better for impacts, and stiffer along the sides where the larger radius benefits from the rigid carbon fibre. Carbon fibre represents more than half of the total area of the top shell.

The low profile chin-guard protects your face, but it is also constructed to flex in order to reduce forces applied to the neck. Our neck hugging Occigrip tensioning system provides a secure fit, and the Coolmax liner makes sure you stay cool and comfortable. A shatterproof visor and earpads are included.

1. TLC: Thermoplastic Laminated Carbon Fibre
2. ABS Thermoplastic Shell
3. EPP Shock Absorbing Line

Sizes: L/XL (59-61cm)
Weight: 850g

Available colours:

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