# 0 – Just Another Blog

With https://paddle-power.nz now all up and running since November 2018 as a new version of my gear catalogue I had to think of what to do with the paddle-power.com domain. The site there was pretty much just a double up of the dot-NZ site, only a bit old style and lacking new features.
The easiest thing was to just divert traffic from dot-COM to dot-NZ
(which I did for a while). But over the last few months I thought it would be nice to have the paddle-power.com domain active again and try my luck and skill on a blog instead.

So, here we are, see how this pans out over the next little while. There is always new stuff to share, be it new gear, river release dates, events, and so on, so it may become a regular. And if not, I can always revert to diversion. 


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