# 5: Unreal and Strange Times Ahead

24 March 2020

Dear customers and friends of paddle-power

We’ve entered some unreal and strange times. It’s almost impossible to describe in words. We had so much late summer hype just a couple of weeks ago with new PFDs from Palm Equipment arriving, and other new 2020 gear rolling in soon after. This all definitely fizzed out now. However, here’s a big THANK YOU to all customers and paddlers who have supported myself, retailers, and the people behind the brands I’ve been importing for 25 years. I’ve imagined celebrating 25 years in business somewhat differently, but hey, such is life.

While New Zealand goes into lockdown for at least the next 4 weeks I hope that you find opportunities to follow your paddling passion, although for many of you this will not be possible so easily as travel and socialising opportunities will be very, very limited under Level 4. I urge you to not paddle whitewater alone as this has a whole lot of implications under the current conditions if things go a bit pear-shaped on your solo outing. So think about it twice. Surfing on the beach away from others (luckily we have a lot of coast line to fulfil the Social Distancing requirement) or grinding some miles on a lake may have to suffice.

If you need some gear then please support your local shops, they will need your help. And if you choose any of the brands featured here on paddle-power.nz you will also support me and the family, as well as your local.
Most specialized kayak shops have a good online presence or can be contacted by email during lockdown. Freight and courier companies are hopefully able to continue their services throughout Level 4 restrictions so I am pretty sure that orders will reach you.

Thanks again for all your support in the past, now, and in the future!

Stay safe and healthy, and most importantly look after yourself and your family.

 Andi Uhl